Hello, Stranger

Hello there, welcome to the world's most interesting website. Just kidding! You can only do about 17 things on this website. Unfortunately, "play Fortnite" is not on that list. Sorry. Now, if Fortnite is your thing, you can download it somewhere on the Internet. If looking at my website is your thing, feel free to … Continue reading Hello, Stranger


Minecraft Hacks: KillAura Explained

What up Minecrafters it's ya boi xX_NinjaCreeperSlayer2004_Xx back at ya with another vid— Let me restart. KillAura is a type of Minecraft hack that hits players / mobs / animals within a certain range around you. There are a bunch of settings, but here's what it generally looks like: Pretty LIT. In fact, since it … Continue reading Minecraft Hacks: KillAura Explained